For the casual to the competitive.

Comfort road bikes are the newest in the evolution of road bikes. With a taller head tube and shorter top tube you are put into a more heads up riding position.  Some models even have an adjustable angle stem, secondary brake levers on the tops of the handlebars and a suspension seatpost!  All designed to keep you in a more upright, comfortable riding posture.

Sport bikes are the most prolific of the road bike styles.  You will find these bikes at  every ride club or sponsored ride you go to.  They are used for commuting, touring, racing, short rides, centuries, you name it, they do it.

Touring bikes are a specialty breed.  For those with interests in self contained touring, the Touring bike is the workhorse you should have.  A more relaxed frame geometry to help soften out life's bumpy roads.  Longer chainstays to allow more heel clearance with your panniers.  And a longer wheelbase for more stability with a heavy load makes this choice the one for the multi-day, unsupported trips where you will be doing the gear hauling.

Race bikes are the F1's of the bike world.  Super light, ultra-tight frames and equipped with the worlds finest componetry make these bikes a thrill to ride.  From the beginning racer to the pros, everyone who rides one of these bikes will feel the difference.  Acceleration, climbing and cornering are unsurpassed.  Just picking one up will make you say "Whoa!"

Tri-athalon or Time Trial bikes are a specialty bike.  Designed from the ground up to cheat the wind at every chance.  They have severely shaped aero tubing in the frames.  Handlebars that lay you out flat in an aerodynamic tuck.  Wheels designed to cut through the air and whatever other tricks the designers can come up with to help shave seconds off of your best time.