The Break-Away Bicycle Club has been holding weekday morning, afternoon and weekend rides for more than 10 years now. Before the BABC the Wheelpeople and the Kokomo Wheelman fed the needs of local cyclists who yearned to join together and shout "LETS GO FOR A BIKE RIDE!"

So with 3 decades of rides to work with, here are some of today's favorite routes you will do when you come out to ride with the Break-Away Bicycle Club. These routes follow mostly lightly traveled secondary state and county roads. Road conditions however can literally change from day to day due to county road maintenance practices. Chip (and seal) Happens.

Though I have directional arrows on the maps showing the most common direction traveled, try the route "backwards" sometime. It becomes a whole new ride. The houses and trees are all in the same place, but you get to see their other side.


Click on the"DAY of the week" to go to the map menu for that day.


MON. and WED. afternoon rides begin and end in the K Mart parking lot at the corner of Jefferson and Dixon Rd. on the west side of Kokomo, IN.

TUE. afternoon rides begin and end in Jackson/Morrow Park on the corner of Park Rd. and Center Rd. just 1 mile west of US31 on the south side of Kokomo, IN.

THUR. afternoon rides begin and end at the Wesleyan Church at the junction of SR213 and SR22 in Greentown, IN.

SUN. rides begin and end at Kokomo Schwinn Cyclery 1 block west of US31 on Boulevard in Kokomo, IN.

MORNING rides begin and end at either Northwest Park, at the corner of Judson and Phillips, or U.C.T. Park, where Phillips crosses the Wildcat creek. Both in Kokomo, IN.

SPECIAL rides are based in different areas of the state and will be explained in the description.