HYBRID: CrossBikes

The one type of bike to own if you only own one bike.



WHAT IS A HYBRID?        A Hybrid bicycle is a "cross" between a modern day mountain bike and an old fashioned road bike. If you grew up riding a 10 speed, but sold it when mountain bikes came on the scene, only to find that you missed how easy it was to pedal the old 10 speed around. Then the Hybrid bike is just what your looking for!

Taking the best features of both types of bikes gives us a bike that pedals and coasts as easily and rolls as smoothly as the old 10 speed, but an up-right sitting position, lots of low end gearing for getting up hills, and the superior braking of a mountain bike.

COMFORT HYBRID  This is a style of bike that has really come into its own in just the last couple of years. If you do all of your riding on roads or old railroad trails, you really don't need a fat tired 26" wheeled bike. The taller wheels and mid-sized tires of a Hybrid give you the lower rolling resistance that lets you ride farther & more efficiently.

To add to the riding pleasure, Hybrids are built to be much more comfortable than your standard city type or off-road style of mountain bike. A Hybrid sits you up higher, and comes with a better cushioned seat to support you. Hybrids even come with an actual shock absorbing seat post.

A lot of comfort features that have been developed for the Hybrid bikes are starting to find their way to other styles of bikes. If you still ride over a lot of gravel or dirt roads, the wider tired Comfort bikes are starting to borrow heavily from the Hybrids. Giving you a very comfortable ride with more stability on loose surfaces.

SPORT HYBRID  This is the newest form of hybrid.  Sometimes called a flat-bar road bike, it is a 700C wheeled bike designed to be a bit more performance oriented than comfort.  A flatter stem & handlebar puts you in a more aggressive, aero, less upright riding position.  The front suspension fork is replaced with a lighter, rigid fork more like a road bike.  Since this style of bike starts at about half the price of an entry level road bike, it is often chosen by someone who is interested in doing a more sporty style of riding, but not ready to invest in a true road bike.  The beauty of this choice is, with the addition of some aerobars & narrower, higher pressure tires, it is easily converted to a low cost performance bike.